Run 3 Unblocked

4.9/5 - (6438 votes)

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Run 3 is a side scrolling platformer game where players tap buttons to toggle gravity and jump alien characters over various floating obstacles. The goal is to traverse 60+ hazard courses to reach the finish flag object.

How To Play Run 3

  • Tap/click or use spacebar to trigger gravity-reversing jumps
  • Toggle orientation mid-air to maneuver around obstacles
  • Some levels introduce teleporters to traverse formations
  • Discover hidden outfits within challenging levels

Game Controls

  • Spacebar/left click/tap: Jump/switch gravity
  • Right click/two finger tap: Restart level
  • R: Quickly restart after dying

Tips and Tricks In Run 3

  • Time jumps narrowly avoiding dangers
  • Lead momentum towards the next platform
  • Hit teleporters quickly before falling off -Retry tricky sections until movements are mastered

Game Developer

Run 3 is created by Player03, an independent game developer.

Game Platforms

Run 3 is playable across browsers on mobile, PC and Mac as a free online web game. No download required!